Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is CNA Training?

If you have never heard the term CNA Training before you might be wondering what exactly it means or what it is about. Putting it simply CNA stands for certified nursing assistant. CNA's are an important group of job professional's that play an important role in a doctor's office or hospital. Have you ever gone to the hospital and had your blood pressure taken by a nurse? Chances are the nurse that helped you was most likely a certified nursing assistant working under the supervision of the head nurse in that hospital.

There are many roles that a CNA does in a hospital  besides taking blood pressure. Like for example changing bed's assisting a patient with changing, helping them to the bathroom the list goes on. Many CNA's find the role of a certified nursing assistant a very rewarding one especially since they are taking an active role giving help to the community. CNA's have a rewarding job since they usually have a steady pay amount which is much higher then working at the more junky job's in retail or fast food while it is not as high paying as a registered nurse it can still be a good entry level job which can give you experience doing the same things a registered nurse does and also be a great test to see if you enjoy working as a certified nursing assistant.

CNA training is normally accomplished much quicker then it takes going to be a registered nurse. CNA's training usually only requires preperation courses and a cna exam to get into the field. Some hospital's will also train you for certified nursing assistant and often give free cna training while allowing you to work and get paid during it. Some states do not require you to be certified to be a cna but it depends on the state and you would first have to check before.

There are other medical programs besides cna which are entry level in the medical field and you can find some of them under medical certification programs. The best way to find out what you would be interested in is learning about each of the professions. You can also go to a local college or school nearby and ask an instructor information too. Or if you feel adventurous you could also consult a nurse at a local hospital which can also end up being a great connection into finding a job especially if that hospital is in need of certified nursing assistants. Usually a nurse loves to share information about nursing and has many valuable stories they can share which would give you a great idea about whether you would enjoy working as a certified nursing assistant.